Give Up On Your Health (not actually)

by Thea Basiliou September 08, 2016

teeth and tongue


Melbourne based band Teeth and Tongue have just launched a new album called

Give Up On Your Health and are doing a mini national tour.

Led by Jess Cornelius with her beautiful and distinctive voice, 

the band are in Brisbane this week for Big Sound and are back there again

at the end of the month for an Up Late performance at GoMA.

The tour then continues on to Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart.

You can see all of the tour details here:

give up on your health teeth and tongue

I really love the album cover - such great colours!

The record has been released by Remote Control Records and you can buy it here

as well as your favourite record store.

Thea X

Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou