Mid Thirties Single Scene (i remember that)

by Thea Basiliou September 08, 2016

scott and charlene's wedding


Scott and Charlene’s Wedding take real life experiences of love and living and turn them in to bouncy, jangly pop songs with out any pretence. It’s all fun and games.

I saw them play a couple of weeks ago again at The Curtin and they closed the show with a very loose cover of Mental As Anything’s Live It Up. It was very well received...

Scott and Charlene's Wedding doing a cover of Mental As Anything's Live It Up at The Curtin August 2016 from Thea Basiliou on Vimeo.



The Melbourne based band are just about to release a new album called Mid Thirties Single Scene and you can pre-order the album here

SCW are also playing at Big Sound this week and touring so keep a look out for dates at your local here.

Thea X

Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou