by Thea Basiliou July 01, 2016


Palace Como Cinemas hosted a preview screening in Melbourne this week of new Australian film Goldstone.

The film was introduced by the lead actor Aaron Pedersen and there was a post Q&A with the films writer and director Ivan Sen which was moderated by film critic Zac Hepburn.


Ivan who also wrote the film score (!) described the film as a Neo Western and I’ve also seen it referred to as Outback Noir

However you describe it, the film is a beautiful piece that builds tension as Indigenous detective Jay Swan (Pedersen) returns in his character from Mystery Road to solve a…mystery.


Aaron takes on the character with the less is more approach very well with a beautiful performance from David Gulpilil and very strong performances from Alex Russell,  Jacki Weaver and David Wenham.


The film was shot outside of Winton in outback Queensland and the landscape and scenery is absolutely stunning and critical to the success of the story.

Goldstone is opening around the country on the 7th of July.

Watch the trailer here and check your favourite cinema for details.

Thea X

Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou