Jacquemus 'La Bombe' SS18

by Thea Basiliou September 30, 2017


Jacquemus SS18

Backstage photo by Nicholas DeLieto for Love Magazine


Jacquemus 'La Bombe'  SS18 Collection shown at Paris Fashion Week this week is a vast departure from his art house fashion girl in white sneakers.

The Jacquemus girl has morphed in to a sensual, beach babe who feels a little more like a 70's Bianca Jagger. Glimpses of Halston but with a 90's edge in architectural draping keeps it looking forward along with his playful accessories of mismatching earrings and heels.

She is vampier but definitely still cool.

Runway image courtesy of Vogue.com

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Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou