Naturally Goofy by Paul McNeil @ Mild Manners

by Thea Basiliou July 10, 2016

naturally goofy paul mcneil

'Naturally Goofy' 2016 Aerosol & Ink on Paper by Paul McNeill

Paul McNeil's artwork is such a part of Australian popular culture. It’s actually entrenched. I’m sure his images will trigger many happy and familiar memories.

mambo paul mcneil

mambo paul mcneil


Paul was one of the original MAMBO designers (along with Reg Mombassa) and responsible for some of those crazy graphics (above) that you’ve been trawling ebay for. These incredible designs were celebrated at an exhibition at the NGV in 2015 as a 30 year retrospect of the brand.

magic dirt life was better paul mcneil

Paul designed SO many memorable album covers including Magic Dirt (above)  The Hoodoo GurusKnievel, Superchunk, The Welcome Mat, The Clouds, Frenzal Rhomb...

hole poster paul mcneil


pavement poster paul mcneil

beck poster paul mcneil

Many of the concerts and festivals that I went to during the 90’s had their tour posters designed by Paul (above) including Hole, The Beastie Boys, PavementDinosaur Jnr, Gill Scott Heron, The Lemon Heads, Big Day Out, Beck and  Sonic Youth. 


In 2010, Paul co-founded The Art Park in Byron Bay where he works and lives.  It’s a store, a clothing line, an artist residency and an art gallery championing contemporary art as accessible.

A great break through project similar to the achievements of the now defunct Nine Lives Gallery in Brisbane and Mild Manners in Sydney where the culture of learning and loving art is embraced and encouraged alongside traditional gallery concepts.

Paul McNeil has just opened a new show of works of Ink on Paper titled Naturally Goofy at Mild Manners Gallery in Sydney.

A collection of mostly poster style pieces, the colourful works are niave and true to his style, witty and humorous.

Mild Manners is currently located above Title Store on Crown Street in Surry Hills and this exhibition is showing until the 16th of July.

Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou