Stamp Collecting Now at CAVES Gallery

by Thea Basiliou July 22, 2016

Stamp Collecting Now at Caves

Located in the Nicholas Building in Melbourne city, CAVES Gallery is a small, not for profit, curated art space.
This week they are launching an unusual exhibition called Stamp Collecting Now.
I only recently threw out my stamp collection.
Admittedly, I had not added to it since primary school so there seemed little reason to keep it apart from the memories of LETTERS. Actual hand written letters. 
I had a penpal in New Zealand and one in Greece - Hi Cindy and Kate wherever you are now!
It really was quite a thing at the time.
From the private collection of Mark Feary (Gertrude Contemporary artistic director) CAVES describe this exhibition as 'a short romp through a recent history of global dictators, maligned political leaders, as told through a selection of postage stamps'.
This is one of The King with Richard Nixon has definitely sparked my interest.
Stamp Collecting Now opens tonight, Friday the 22nd of July and runs to the 12th of August.

Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou