The Honeymoon Suite

by Thea Basiliou August 19, 2016

the honeymoon suite

The Honeymoon Suite is a new, temporary not for profit gallery with adjoining artist studios.

The gallery’s name takes it’s cue from the rise in apartment developments and display suites being built in the Brunswick area but which is actually happening EVERYWHERE in the city surrounds at the moment of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane...

The challenge I feel will be to keep the soul and personality of each area in tact without to much density. Time will tell.

The Honeymoon Suite is helmed by Charlotte Cornish through the mentorship of Melissa Loughnan (Utopian Slumpsand is supported by other board members Justin Hinder, Andre Piguet and Lauren Ravi.


brent harris

Installation view of paintings by Brent Harris

The gallery intends to foster the careers of emerging local artists through the presentation of their works alongside more established artists.

The gallery opened last week with it’s debut show Rose Coloured Glass and includes:

Andrew Browne

Alicia Frankovich

Brent Harris

Madeline Kidd

Alex Martinis Roe

Hannah Maskell

Caleb Shea

Masato Takasaka


This exhibition runs until September the 3rd.

The Honeymoon Suite is located at Level 1, 60 Sydney Road, Brunswick and you can read all of the details here.


Thea X

Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou