Two Steps On The Water

by Thea Basiliou August 19, 2016


Two Steps On The Water

It feels hard to be surprised by new music today but I feel like that

statement could reflect on almost anything.

I guess, so much has been done so new sounds and visions have to be

distinctive. Special. Right for now.


I was really blown away the first time that I heard Two Steps On The Water.

The band are a Melbourne based three piece who have been playing since 2014.

Firstly it’s definitely the vocals of guitarist June Jones who also writes

all of the songs.

Then it’s the style of music which seems folk based and not normally on my horizon

but it is combined with country and punk.

It is very emotional but also, wild and free. 

Sienna Thornton plays violin and Jonathan Nash plays drums with both also doing vocals.



I love the inclusion of trumpet (played by Charlie Woods) which works so well

with the violin.

God Forbid Anyone Look Me In The Eye


They have just released a new album called  God Forbid Anyone Look Me In The Eye (pictured above)  available on vinyl in an edition of 300 or a digital version available here.

The cover artwork was done by Lee Lai and you can see more of Lee's work here.

YoYo Two Steps On The Water

Watch the video for their new single release YoYo here made by Nina Renee and Olivia A Fay here.

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Thea Basiliou
Thea Basiliou